The Story of Citi Flooring



Start of a Canadian dream


In the north of Greece there is a town called Florina which was at the frontline fighting with the Nazis in World War 2. After the war the area struggled to recover and many people left Greece in search of a better life. Peter Servinis was one of those people, boarding a ship for Canada in search of work to feed his family, he landed in Toronto and found a job as a carpet installer, working day and night installing carpet in people's homes and leaving them with a great impression after seeing his workmanship. Working hard as an installer for years he saved his money and eventually opened his own store, Oasis Carpet Ltd. The business was a sucess and Peter was able to put his kids through school and buy the Cadillac he always wanted.





While the business was a success, Peter felt that he had worked enough and wanted to have more time to enjoy time with his grandchildren. He retired and sold his business to his only daughter, Mary Servinis. Mary changed the name of the business to Citi Flooring and recharged the business with a new look, name and her own combination of vast knowledge of the industry and her special personal, friendly charm. Many customers ask for her by name as they trust her talents and experience in helping them to find the perfect color combinations in choosing flooring for their house.





The Next Generation


Two of Mary's children both have an active part in continuing the business and bringing it into the new era of commerce. Annastacia has been working with her mother in the industry for 10 years and has aquired and honed talents that bring a new level of creativity and professionalism to the company. She is truly a chip off the young block and also a magician with the paintbrush. That just leaves me, David. I spent most of my childhood in the library with my nose in a book and eventually acquired a degree in Chinese Literature, so I might not have the right skillset to help in-store but I try to help where I can including the design of this website and keeping the business up-to-date in technology.


Thank you for taking the time to hear our story and I would like to thank you for considering a family-run business in your search for beautifying your home in a world of big box stores and corporations. We truly appreciate your business and can't wait to show it to you!