Plank Floors



What are plank floors?


Plank flooring is flooring traditionally made from solid wood planks. Most wooden flooring was actually made from planks throughout the 20th century before alternatives came about. Many older homes still have their origional plank flooring, as well as many people are having plank floors installed as they appreciate the classic and beautiful look they provide.


What should I know about plank flooring?


Traditional plank flooring was installed by laying the wooden planks directly over the supportive floor joists. These days they are installed the same way although a layer of insulation is often put in place underneath to help keep the house warm. Flooring planks are usually very wide and thick and are designed to last a lifetime. They can be stained, painted or left untreated for a true rustic look. The most common wood used for plank flooring is cedar and oak, and also more exotic choices like ebony, redwood, ironwood or rubberwood.



What is the difference between hardwood and plank flooring? .


Actually, plank fooring could be considered hardwood flooring, but specifically only hardwood done with thick floorboards with a width of 5 images or more is true plank flooring. With the popularity of plank flooring on the rise, more and more styles and stains are becoming avaliable. We invite you to send us an email or give us a call if you are interested in having plank floors in your house, you will be glad you did! One of our representatives will visit your home and do a measurement as well as survey the area where the floors will be installed. If you choose to go with plank floors, congratulations on making an inverstment that will beautify your home, increase its value and last a lifetime. We are waiting for your email or your call.