What is a runner?


Runners are long narrow rugs that are usually placed in hallways, gallery kitchens, on stairways or anywhere else in the house that is narrow or long.


What should I know about runners?


Runners are basically just long, narrow rugs that come pre-cut in various sizes and lengths but also can be custom cut and binded at our store. Regular binding or fringe can be applied to your own custom length and made perfect for your home. We can even make a runner out of your favorite broadloom if that is what you wish to have.



A note on runners for stairs.


We highly recommend that you have stairway runners professionally installed by our team. A poorly installed stair runner poses a potential safety hazard so we do not recommend DIY installations for this part of your home. The appearance and comfort of woods stairs are vastly improved with the addition of a runner and will make the climb up the stairs much easier on sore, tired feet. Before you come into our store we recommend you count the stairs you need the runner for as well as take a picture to show us and we will do our best to help you find the best runner for your stairs as well as advise of how to go about with installation. This process can be made much easier with our shop-at-home service, call now to book an appointment at 416-699-2484