Area Rugs



What are area rugs?


An area rug is any carpet that is made to cover only part of a floor. Area rugs vary from simple binded pieces of broadloom to works of art worth thousands of dollars. Area rugs, especially Persian and Chinese have a long history and culture that is really amazing and these peices beome more than just a floor covering when added to your home. Citi Flooring visited China's Silk Road outpost Xinjiang which was the gateway from the Middle East to China for thousands of years, transporting mainly silk in the forms of rugs, clothing and other items. Enjoy the video below of our visit to a massive area rug market located in the heart of Urumqi.



What is the difference between Oriental and Persian rugs?


It is important to know the difference between Oriental and Perisan rugs if you are looking to purchase one for your home. Knowing the difference will also help you to test the knowledge of the sales people you are dealing with. The difference is that Oriental rugs are carpets that are hand knotted only in Asia, including Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal. Perisan rugs actualy are also Oriental rugs, but only those made in Iran (formerly known as Persia). Persian rugs used to be named after the city they were knotted in, for example Tabriz, Hamadan, Gabbeh, Heriz and Dubba, but as these designs gained popularity they became produced in other parts of Perisa but retained their name. The characteristics of Persian rugs include an extremely thick pile (about 160 knots per square inch) and unique designs that include extremely rich color combinations.



Contemporary area rugs

Contemporary area rugs come in various modern patterns and designs and can greatly brighten up your home. While people going for a classic look prefer Oriental rugs, more and more people are choosing the fresh, crisp look of a modern pattern to decorate their floor. We have plenty of rugs in-stock including contemporary area rugs, Oriental and Persian. If we do not have the design we can order the design or colors you want and have it promptly delivered to your home usually within a couple of days. Alternatively you may also choose a broadloom and we can cut it to your size and bind it for you, or if you would like to have your own design created, modern or oriental we can help you to arrange it.